Town planning

Let Mackay Surveys assist you with your planning requirements. If you are thinking of developing or require planning advice, contact us and we will guide you through the development assessment process

Strata titles


Where a building or buildings themselves are to be sub-divided so that separate titles can issue, a building format plan is required to be prepared. This was more commonly referred to in the past as strata title or group title developments.

Identification surveys

boundary realignments

Quite often the original pegs marking the corners of land get disturbed or removed over time. Fences are not necessarily on the boundary and sometimes it may be necessary to obtain an identification survey over all or part of the land.

Detail and engineering surveying

engineering surveying

Detail or level engineering surveying determines the location of natural and man-made features in an area as well as the elevations of the land.

Set outs

Whether it be four corners for your backyard shed or grid lines for a large engineering or commercial development, Mackay Surveys can provide set out marks on the ground where you want them.